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About Naked Truth

Our definition of "Naked Truth" means the pureness of self and all living matter. We want people to know the truth about mental health, physical health, healing of crystals/ gem stones, and other holistic ways. Our dream is to offer advice, items and services, to heal people from past traumas, help change way of thinking for a more healthy prosperous life for a better future. We also strive to bring back ancient ways of living, how our ancestors stayed spiritually strong, and connected with the Most High. We would also love to introduce our community to Tantra, and how we can heal emotionally and physically through tantra. We believe love heals all, the more love we share through 'Naked Truth" the more love others will spread, and the more love and respect people will have for the gift of life in all things. That's how we save the planet! 

The Art of Tantra

Tantra dates back to India, about 2,600 years ago. The word Tantra literally means, "an unbroken stream of energy."

The term Tantra refers first to the balance of vital energy that sustains all existence, and second to the class of knowledge and practices that harnesses that vital energy, thereby transforming the practitioner. Genuine Tantra is an exceptional method of purifying the consciousness  of all egotistical element such as lust, pride, envy, gluttony, laziness, etc., but it is not easy or accomplished overnight, and requires great temperance, intelligence, education, and dedication. Real Tantra depends completely on robust and perfect ethics. Without sexual union, certain types of spiritual realizations are impossible. So, the real reason that sexual intercourse has its place within Tantra is that there is an authentic spiritual function to sexuality. Let us be clear though desires such as lust, distrust, insecurities of self and your mate,  do not have any place in spiritual pursuits. With art of Tantra, boredom will cease to exist. You will forever learn one another. Henceforth, less relationship issues, less divorces, and healing from emotional trauma and sexual trauma.   

The Truth About Healing Crystals/ Gem Stones

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes. THe same crystal may occur in several forms or colors and can be known by several differen names. The apperance of many crystals is enhanced by cutting or polishing. Crystals can be used for physical and mental healing. Their subtle vibrations affect the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels of being. They bring out particular qualities and open up the gate way to spiritual understanding. Western science and medicine is now realizing its measurable power, and its benefits.

Blogs By Honey

Blogs will be posted for advise and educational purposes. Honey will also share person life experiences in hopes of helping others.

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Thank Yous

The Naked Truth would like to thank thee Most High/ Universe for all the blessing that has been bestowed onto us! We are beyond grateful for the journey. The positive and the negative aspects of it, for it has prepared us for this moment right now! We are blessed beyond measure to be able to share this knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you!