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The Birth Of Naked Truth

Check out our very first YouTube Video! A short story about the background of the creator "Honey". Her Naked Truth, and How "Give A Hug" came to fruition... Like our video and Subcribe! 


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Naked Truth offers products such as crystals, gems, rocks, herbs, metaphysical products and sex novelties.



The CEO of Naked Truth, Honey,  will be sharing her own personal experiences about self love, spiritual growth, sex education, tantra, also sharing advice of how to use all the different products. 

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The happy clients have spoken! Read testimonials and write them, Sharing your experience could help others. Share your experience, pay it forward! 

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About The CEO

Honey is the creator behind Naked Truth. Her goal is to make this world a better place by teaching people to love and have self love. Love heals all things and if the world had more people that learn the power of positivity and the power of love, it would be a better place. We are all students of life that are forever learning, join Honey on this journey of changing the world!



Naked Truth is happy to announce that we will be offering yoni steam treatment, also known as vaginal steam or V-steaming. It is alternative health treatment whereby a woman sits over steaming water contaings herbs. The benefits are reducing doscomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with monthly cycles, decreased menstrual flow, reduces discoloration of blood when approaching the end of the cycle, regulate or absent menstrual cycles, increase fertility, speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth. Treat uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness and uterine prolapse. It assists is the healing of hemorrhoids, treat chronic vaginal yeast infections and maintain healthy odor and pH balance, and relieves symptoms of menopause. Most importantly it rids the women of the energy from past sex partners. This is an ancient practice that allows us to press a reset button on our reproductive system. GIVE IT A TRY! 


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To show appreciation to our members, we'd like to offer a 30% off discount to all testimonies. 

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